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Termas de Lahuen Co

A tour of around 80km in which we’ll encounter a very wild space, with so much to look out. The Lakes Lolog, Curruhue Chico and Grande, Laguna verde and Del toro, also a wood of centenary araucaria trees fill the valdivian forest, to end up on a few… Leer más

Pucón - Chile

We start at 8 am from San Martin de los Andes, taking the 40th Route, we cross to the neighbor city through the Mamuil Malal Path. We’ll go across different trans-Andean civilizations until we arrive to Pucon at the volcano and Villarica Lake’s feet… Leer más

Lago Huechulafquen - Volcán Lanin

We depart from San Martin de los Andes in the morning, taking the 40th Route up to Junin de los Andes. Once there, we’ll visit some craftsman workplaces, mapuche shops and a church that has been reformed in an araucanian style, where the Snow virgin… Leer más

Siete Lagos Villa La Angostura

The section of the 40th Route that connects San Martin de los Andes and Villa La Angostura gathers in only 100 kms the best of the Patagonian geography and nature, turning into the obligatory must-see regional circuit. We start on the 7 lakes road… Leer más

Villa Pehuenia

After a trip of 250 km full of varied landscapes and passing by the Alumine city, we arrive to Villa Pehuenia. We access a route called “Circuito Pehuenia”, a wooden road that connects the Pulmari, Ñorquinco, Moquehue and Alumine lakes. We’ll get to… Leer más

Villa Meliquina

Filo Hua-Hum, Meliquina Lake & Meliquina Village Tour This amazing excursion of half a day it’s done during the day and only in summer. We visit the Caleufu River rapids, Meliquina Village and its wide lake, the cave Casa de Piedra, and the Filo… Leer más

Quila Quina

Being inside the Lanin National Park, the Villa Quilla Village is located just 18 kms far from San Martin de los Andes, on the south bank of the Lacar lake. The tour starts by taking the national 40th Route (Seven Lakes route) so after 6 kms… Leer más

Hua-Hum Balcones del Lacar

On this excursion we border the Lacar lakes on a rubble road that’s on the opposite edge of the 40th Route. The trip is very entertaining: a twisting tour into the woods, with many lookout points to the mountain range and to the Lacar Lake. One of… Leer más


Bordering the left bank of the Lacar lake on the 40th Route or on the way to the Seven Lakes, it’s over 15 kms until the provincial 19 route which takes us to the Chapelco complex, from which we’ll be able to admire the impressive silhouette of the… Leer más

Siete Lagos Bariloche - Paso Córdoba

We then take the symbolic 40th Route or seven lakes road. This road, globally known for its charming landscape, offers stops in the different lookouts where the majestic water mirrors are raised. Getting near to Villa La Angostura you get to go… Leer más • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes

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