Lago Huechulafquen - Volcán Lanin

We depart from San Martin de los Andes in the morning, taking the 40th Route up to Junin de los Andes. Once there, we’ll visit some craftsman workplaces, mapuche shops and a church that has been reformed in an araucanian style, where the Snow virgin is worshipped.

Then we take the 61th route, which borders the Chimehuin River and will take us to the Huechulafquen Lake and to the impressive view of the Lanin Volcano of 3776 msnm. Around noon, we’ll arrive to a restaurant of the mapuche community for those who want to have lunch.

After that, we continue the tour until we get a view of the whole north margin of the Huechulafquen and Paimún lakes, with spectacular lookouts towards the mountain range, where we’ll find an unforgettable view of the Lanin volcano and its eternal glaciers.

Full-day tour.


Winter: from 10 to 18:30 hs

Summer: from 9 to 18:30 hs • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes

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